Australia Ranked Fourth in the World for Property Investment

Australia has recently been ranked as the fourth best place for property investment. The US investment survey found Australia to be among the top five places to invest, thanks to a variety of factors.

The 2012 Annual Foreign Investment Survey from the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate (AFIRE) studied countries based on the stability and security of their real estate markets.

The annual study is based on votes from the 200 groups that make up AFIRE, representing 21 countries, reports Spin Online.

Top in the real estate category of the investment study were United States, Canada and Germany, with Australia in fourth place in the world.

Additionally, Sydney was highlighted as the fourth most popular city for real estate investment, and was found as only slightly less popular than Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore.

Covering many different types of investment, the survey also listed Australia as the fourth most successful country for offering the best opportunities for capital appreciation, ranking behind the United States, Brazil and China.

Having been highlighted as one of the world’s best-ranked country’s for investing in property, Australia could be poised on the brink of an uptake in the number of people looking for suitable investment properties.

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